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Kratom is truly a wonderful plant, however, we are all familiar with the old saying “Too much of a good thing…“. First I’ll touch on a few of the risks before talking about the abundance of positives that this plant has. Having to rely on anything to get you through your day is never a good thing. Kratom can help put an end to certain Opiate based drugs, however using a large amount of Kratom daily could be harmful to your personal well being. Over use of Kratom can definitely lead to agitation, touchiness, pugnacity and hostility. It may cause the pigment in your skin to slightly “tan.” As appealing as this may sound, you don’t want to get your lovely bronzed skin color in this manner. As you use more Kratom you will find that you may steadily be using more and more with every dose. This should be avoided.

Now for the great news: After researching the plant to help alleviate my own personal aches and pains, I couldn’t help but notice a few of the other outstanding qualities of this plant and what it can do for others.

For example; you will find that for those that are unfortunate enough to have to experience methadone withdrawal, Kratom can ease the transition. Obviously kicking something like methadone is a rough road, to have something that you can use as little or as much as you want like Kratom is a strong accessory in your arsenal. I’ve read a few very convincing testimonials about using Kratom to help kick a drug habit. Kratom was the driving force for a few of the ex-addicts, not only making them feel better inside, but helping to bridge relationships that had been severed because of drug use. People felt more confident and self assured once these drugs were out of their life.

When talking to the people at some of the Ethnobotanicals (particularly Arena Ethnobotanicals) I’ve inquired about this usage, they basically told me that they are in talks with a few clinics to help supply them with Kratom. Many doctors are hopeful that finding such an abundant relatively inexpensive product that can do so much good will surely help out the recovering addicts.

If you so choose to substitute the use of any drug use for Kratom, please consult a doctor, or do plenty of research first to make sure that it is the right thing for you.



Kratom Facts:

Kratom and Starbucks?
Mitragyna speciosa (kratom) is a tree from the family Rubiaceae (same as coffee) which grows in Southeast Asia.

Better than Red Bull?
Kratom is often used by the natives in Thailand and Malaysia to use as a tonic to combat fatigue by providing an energy boost and enhance their tolerance to back breaking labor under the scorching sun!

Kratom = Big Pimpin'!
There are many types of strains, one of the most popular being the 'Pimps Grade' Thai Kratom.