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For those of us interested in growing our own Kratom at home, this page is dedicated to just that. It is highly recommended to grow your plants from a clone not from a seed. There are a few places to purchase these online, for more information contact the folks over at Arena Ethnobotanicals, just like I did.

In order to grow a healthy “fruit” bearing tree you need to pay attention to it, making sure that it’s watered constantly and always has the proper blend of nutrients to keep it healthy.

I’ve been responsible for a few Kratom plants in my time and one thing I will say is; attempt to emulate the same exact conditions that the plant would have in it’s natural habitat, meaning, you want to try and keep the acidic soil that is typically produced in the jungle and always keep the plant moist. I recommend keeping a spray bottle handy and lightly mist the plant a few times a day with fresh and clean water.

If you do decide to grow Kratom from a seed, make sure the seed is as fresh as possible, meaning ordering from a place around the world may not be the best idea. If you were to find a local grower or supplier that may work, however growing from a clone will make life that much easier.

I’ve been experimenting with the proper amount of sunlight necessary for a healthy Kratom plant to grow. I’ve found that alternating the plant into and out of the sun will give it the same exposure as it would receive if there were to be a large canopy of trees over the top of the plant. Too much direct sunlight and you will easily burn the plant up, the holds especially true turning the first few years of a Kratom plants life. Once they have matured you will need to pay less attention to the sunlight and more attention to the amount of water that this plant will be consuming. Additionally it has been found that older Kratom leaves contain more 7-hydroxymitragynine in them than in the younger less mature leaves. Another perk of growing Kratom at your home.



Kratom Facts:

Kratom and Starbucks?
Mitragyna speciosa (kratom) is a tree from the family Rubiaceae (same as coffee) which grows in Southeast Asia.

Better than Red Bull?
Kratom is often used by the natives in Thailand and Malaysia to use as a tonic to combat fatigue by providing an energy boost and enhance their tolerance to back breaking labor under the scorching sun!

Kratom = Big Pimpin'!
There are many types of strains, one of the most popular being the 'Pimps Grade' Thai Kratom.