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Buy Kratom @ Arena Ethnobotanicals for the most distigueshed Kratom Supplier.

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The next phase in finding the right Kratom was to find the right place to buy it. I personally tried 3 or 4 different online retailers before I found the right one for me. I wont mention any names of the bad companies but I will tell you the name of the one VERY GOOD company that I've found. They’re called Arena Ethnobotanicals and they are located outside of San Diego, California. I don’t know if it’s the California sunshine or the perfect year round weather that makes the folks at Arena Ethnobotanicals so friendly, but I’ve had nothing but the greatest experiences dealing with them.

They offer multiple strains of Kratom in all different kinds of Kratom-licious forms. I was able to find a Kratom supplier that offers same day shipping at great prices!

The people at Arena Ethnobotanicals informed me that they do sell bulk amounts of their Kratom if you were interested in purchasing some for your business. If you think that your company could benefit from carrying Kratom in any form I think that you should try it out.

Don’t just take a chance with any old company that is out there peddling their “Kratom.” It seemed like most companies are sitting on a large stockpile of Kratom that never moves and eventually looses it’s potency. That is a big no-no. I was able to find out that the people at Arena Ethnobotanicals are not only in full contact with the producers of their Kratom they constantly communicate with the Kratom Growers to help find and build the perfect strain of Kratom.

In summary, when you make the decision to pick up some Kratom for yourself or for your business, do your research. Find reviews of not only the type of Kratom and form that you’re looking for but also pay attention to the company that sells it. It’s much like picking up some milk from liquor store Vs. a grocery store; sure you’re going to be able to get the milk from a liquor store, but it may have been sitting on the shelves ready to expire in just a few days. When you go to the grocery store, many people will have bought milk thus making a constant supply and demand in turn making the milk at the grocery store moving at all times guaranteeing the freshest, longest lasting product. Here is the link to ArenaEthnobotanicals



Kratom Facts:

Kratom and Starbucks?
Mitragyna speciosa (kratom) is a tree from the family Rubiaceae (same as coffee) which grows in Southeast Asia.

Better than Red Bull?
Kratom is often used by the natives in Thailand and Malaysia to use as a tonic to combat fatigue by providing an energy boost and enhance their tolerance to back breaking labor under the scorching sun!

Kratom = Big Pimpin'!
There are many types of strains, one of the most popular being the 'Pimps Grade' Thai Kratom.